Anxiety Treatment Tips (suitable for Anxiety and Panic Attack symptoms)

Below you will find some proven exercises that can be included in any anxiety treatment programme. These ‘tips’ are for anyone suffering anxiety or panic attack symptoms. Have a look at our online anxiety workshop for a more in depth understanding of what is listed below and extra exercises to apply.

How to escape from anxiety breathing

What is anxiety breathing? Also known as hyperventilation - fast, short, shallow breaths are one of the main causes in stimulating panic anxiety attack or panic attack symptoms. Any anxiety treatment strategy will need to involve the ability of slowing breath down in a natural and relaxed manner.


Aim: 10-12 breaths per minute. This equates to a six second breath. As your body is used to shorter and shallower breaths, this could take time to put into place. The below exercise is useful in lengthening the breath unconsciously.


Important tips in reducing hyperventilation:

Important Note: Practise your breathing exercise when you are feeling good and symptom free. This is a good preventative measure and builds confidence in doing the same exercise in a bout of acute anxiety or panic.

Nervous System

To move from the "fight or flight" nervous system (sympathetic) into your calm nervous system (parasympathetic), include at least three of these per day.

Parasympathetic triggers:


Avoid all stimulants e.g. coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar (esp. artifical sweeteners), fizzy drinks - this alone could have a profound effect.

Chemical additives - There are 5000 chemical additives in commercial food processing. Our bodies are not equipped to handle these, and little is known about long term biological effects. Particularly look out for MSG (621) and colourings (100-181) which may affect the nervous system. Eat home made food as much as possible.

Food allergies could trigger anxiety attacks. It would be very useful creating a food diary to discover occurring patterns.

What else?

Regular exercise is a must to release 'happy' hormones and let go of pent up emotions. Weight bearing exercise has proven useful for people with anxiety disorders.

Beware of side effects of some prescription medication which may bring on anxiety symptoms. Carefully read the insert inside the packet.

Heavy metals trapped in your body can play a role in destabilizing the nervous system. Urine test or hair analysis test could be useful.

Be careful what you see and read. Avoid any news items or newspapers that will bring despair or fear.

Useful herbs and supplements

It would be beneficial for you to see an herbalist or naturopath before taking some of these herbs and supplements as some are contra-indicated with certain prescription medication.

Emotional Tips

"Happy thoughts equal happy chemicals within the brain" Every day think of a thought (or many different thoughts) to bring a smile to your face or to fill you with good emotions. That unconscious smile or good emotion is proof that we have produced a happy chemical. Feel the thought.

Doing this on an ongoing basis will stabilise mood swings and encourage healthy thinking habits.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is a freedom - Marilyn Ferguson

Tips for anxiety sufferers